Our Previous Projects

Bam Bam Boogies

Vicki Stavrinos is the founder and lead instructor at Bam Bam Boogies, a dance school based in Essex that aims to educate students on the history of the styles in addition to teaching them the moves!

With a huge involvement in the local community and partnering on projects to benefit youths in Essex, the work at Bam Bam Boogies goes far beyond the dance studio

As a previous student of hers, I was honoured when Vicki came to me to give the site a refresh.. especially as it had not been maintained since it was first built – around 5 years ago!

So, keeping in line with the brands historic and iconic branding, and carrying some of the previous design elements across, the website got a well-deserved face lift and modernisation

Keep eyes peeled for additions to the site including a merchandise shop coming soon!

Service: Website Re-design


Tiffany Harazinova is the woman behind aluxuriousmind. A Hub for human design coaching, digital planners and downloadable resources surrounding manifestation, lifestyle, human design and all things magical

After completing a couple of fixes on her site, it became apparant that Tiffany’s branding wasn’t working for her anymore. So we set to work on a brand new visual concept

Finding a font that was readable but felt magical and had script like qualities was important, and Le Major felt perfect

Tiffany’s brand palette included some colours that she actively disliked, and so without a complete change, we created a more muted and complimentary palette including those woodland colours

Combining her love for foxes and her universe-led nature, we created a logo that incorporated the Vulpecula constellation – The little fox – tying in all of the magical and mystical elements of the business with her favourite mascot

Service: Branding Redesign, Website Redesign & Maintenance

Web Design Agency Essex The NB Digital Portfolio


As a fitness expert with a large celebrity client base and a lot of press pointing his way, Matt needed a site to showcase his passion and streamline his contact process as he focuses his energy on his client sessions

Brief: Sleek. Classy. Clean-cut.

Colour Palette: Monochromatic

Service: Website Design, Development & Maintenance